What’s So Important About Book Cover Design


Designing a good book cover is a very important aspect of marketing for self-published authors and independent publishers. Authors and publishers understand how essential a good book cover is, as packaging is everything in today’s competitive world.

Having eye-catching book cover designs are important because:

They are the first thing that attracts and engages the readers. The reader sees the front of the book and picks it up if it catches their attention.

The second most important thing is the comprehensive brief, written by the author, on the back cover of the book. If people like what they read, then they choose the book and buy it.

In e-books, book covers play a very important role, as they are the first image that people see on their screens, and if what they see appeals them, then they click on the image to know more about the book.

Book covers are important, as they are the face of the books, and they help generate expectations, good or bad, about the books. So people should choose book covers carefully for grabbing the attention of the readers in a positive way.

No author is a book cover designer, so hire a professional book cover designer for making an impactful book cover design.

Tips for good design

While designing book covers, people should do thorough research and understand designing book covers, especially self-publishers.

The book cover design should reflect the most important elements of the proposed book. For making an impactful cover, it should be clutter free, should highlight one or two strong elements of the book, and should have a clear message.

The image used on the front cover can be symbolic of the representation of the story.

Other than the image, designers should also put emphasis on color, font, and placement of author’s name on the cover, and they should also help the author in choosing a good title and effects. Designs make the books impactful when designed according to their genres.

In the case of e-books, the book cover must make its impact right at the thumbnail size. For the book to stand out among its peers, it is very important that the font and color used in the title are clear and readable. The consistency of the cover should be good at larger sizes too, like posters and full-scale images of the book.

In conclusion

Choosing the right book cover can be a major hiccup in the world of self-publication. The pressure is on the author to choose the one, which will sell the best. For handling this situation, the publisher can do an opinion poll among readers; and whichever gets the highest votes can be used.

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