THE BOOK COVER DESIGN PODCAST EPISODE #19: How Book Cover Design Can Save Your Future As An Author


In this episode of The Book Cover Design Podcast I talk about how your book cover design will either help you in the future or how it will hurt you. I also cover a few other things that should give you a better grasp on how to take on your own book cover design.

This is the blind musician I mentioned in the podcast jumping a dirtbike

Start with your end game

What is it that you really want as an author, writer, or self-publisher? To sell more books? To become a bestseller? It’s very important to get clear with yourself on what it is you want exactly, this is only going to help you in the long run. If you don’t have your mind set on becoming a bestseller from the beginning then you should definitely make sure you do. Paying attention every step along the way is key in order to reach wherever you want to get with your book. So get clear, have a plan, know what you want, take action, and I promise you will start moving towards whatever it is your trying to achieve.


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