Author Resources

A useful ist of  publising resources to get started: – Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – Amazone Print Book Publishing – Barnes and Noble Publishing – KBoards Author Forum – Independent Publishing Magazine – The Creative Penn publishing blog run by Joanna Penn – Jane Friedman, expert in publishing industry – Publishing blog by John Kremer – Self-publishing blog by Elain Calloway


More clients and people Im connected with Helps authors get their books published A New York based Photographer who shoots writer portraits – Author Jeff Carlson of Plague Series – Publishing website lead by J.E, Smith – Author Calix Leigh-Reign of Opaque – Author Jeff Carlson of Plague Year, Plague War, and Plague Zone – Author John Ellsworth of Voices In The Walls – Author Travis Hall of Sonora series  – Author Tim Jopling of Underground Murmurs – Author Sharon KD Hoskins of To Handcuff Lightning – Author Sara Kane of Floundering – Author Robert Lovelle Rooks of Filipina – Author Rektok Ross of Prodigal – Author Sasha Ravae of Trap Goddess and Counterfeit Dreams series – Author Pamita Rao of Book Of Gods – Author Michael Wills of One Decent Thing – Author Melica Niccole of The New Face Of Disabilities – Author Melanie Hatfield of The Chronicles of Turrack Series – Author Maegyn Anders of Treasures of Danu – Author Lisa Gillis of Jack Who – Author LJ Greene of Ripple Effects, Sounds Effects, and After Effects – Author Kimberly G. Giarratano of The Lady In Blue – Author Karma Banks of Mind Traveling – Author JC Steel of Through The Hostage, Fighting Shadows, and Elemental Affinity – Author Jessica Caryn of Tainted Series – Author Jerre Jakee of Beautiful Liar – Author Eric Pete of A Cold Hard Truth – Author David Shands of Dreams Are Built Overnight – Author David Menon of DSI Jeff Barton Series – Author Dan Sizemore of Tesla’s Secret Papers – Author Chad Thompson of No More 925 – Author Bianca Williams of Sidelined Series – Author of The Mysterious Gems: The Blue Ice Topaz – Author Michele Laine of Stronger Than The Storm


More authors I’m connected too – Poet Alyssa Noelle Coelho – Author Gina McKnight – Author M.C. Walker – Author J.M. Lominy – Author Alexandra Amor – Author J.S. Scott – Author Ava Brown