Podcast Episode #6: Ugly Book Cover Design vs. Good Book Cover Design

In this episode of The Book Cover Design Podcast I go over a few major differences that you should know about what makes ugly and good looking book cover designs look the way they do. I also give a few pointers to make sure you book cover design doesn’t turn out ugly.


Don’t be the book cover that looks bad

Readers don’t pay any attention to bad looking book covers and they sure don’t buy books with them. This should be the main reason why you steer away from wanting to settle with a mediocre book cover design. Your books real opportunity is to visually present itself in the best way possible to further influence and convince your readers to pick and buy a copy of your book. My point I am trying to really make is that you will never win the publishing game with a bad looking cover that was simply just thrown together with no direction or plan in mind.

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