Make Your Book Cover Design Undefeatable


Your book cover is your first impression. It’s your marketing, your advertising and your promotion all rolled into one and if your cover is poorly done or unprofessional or even if it doesn’t match the current conventions for the genre you are writing in it will most certainly impact your sales. If your book isn’t selling the way you had … Read More

Podcast Episode #7: Book Cover Design – Getting Creative

In this episode of The Book Cover Design Podcast I talk about book cover design and how you can get creative with yours. I also cover a few other things along the way about title sizing and proper design. Create something that’s never been created I think the real key to effective book cover design is to just be you and … Read More

How To Transform Your Book Cover From Okay…To Amazing!


There are certain things that will take a so-so cover over the top to fantastic and, consequently, if you ignore these things will drop a so-so cover to terrible. Authors especially need to know what to look for when they are looking at a first, second or final draft of the cover that their designer has provided for them. Or what to … Read More

Podcast Episode #6: Ugly Book Cover Design vs. Good Book Cover Design

In this episode of The Book Cover Design Podcast I go over a few major differences that you should know about what makes ugly and good looking book cover designs look the way they do. I also give a few pointers to make sure you book cover design doesn’t turn out ugly. Don’t be the book cover that looks bad Readers don’t pay … Read More