Innovate To Create A Great Book Cover Design

If you want to know how to come up with a great book cover idea, meld ideas of things that you are interested in; it may be time to brainstorm.

You my really like the movies tied to Stephen King books and yet have a passion for learning about historical figures like Andrew Jackson. If you can somehow tie Founding Fathers of the United States with an author like Stephen King, it will definitely draw people’s attention. A book cover if done right will definitely draw in the attention of more readers, at least that it is the purpose, no matter whether the book is being ordered online or purchased from a bookshelf.

Innovation is going to matter in the publishing world. You need to be able to find a way to get a graphic design background if you plan on creating your own book cover. There are different programs out there where you can learn about the best possible ways to move graphics up and down. You may want to hire a consultant in order to get your book cover done in the right way. The truth is that a good consultant can take a fair amount of stress out of your life and out of the creative process.


Innovation is going to play a role in a lot of industries, but it definitely has to play a role in an industry where things need to be eye-popping and eye catching. Books are going to be written by talented people, the same should be said for the designer of a book cover. Artists have to be willing to write things down when brainstorming. The artist may need to write things down.

You may want to talk to your musician friends as well. There are a lot of creative people that end up writing songs. The process of writing songs can be a lot like drawing and put together a book cover. The best book covers are going to be made by people that are truly paying attention to the future. If you have a history in the world of web design, then it may be helpful to develop different book covers. The world of graphic design and web design are going to be tied together, and the hope is that a good book cover can be created in a much quicker fashion than a website. You may go to some different websites and at least find some great ideas that are a part of creating book covers. Book covers may have individual cartoon drawings. If you know how to draw cartoons well, you will be able to draw up your own illustrations when it comes to book cover designs. A book cover that makes people laugh can also create a situation where people go out and buy that book. If people laugh at a book cover, they will be more likely to buy that book.

What are you passionate about?; Passion is very important when making some creative decisions. Creativity can be a joy, and it shouldn’t be about some troubling challenge. It is true that creative people tend to embrace challenges, though.

Do you like technology? You may want to create a book cover that has a 3D printer on it. A large number of young people still want to learn more about 3D printers, so this is why it would make sense to write books about them as well. Consultants may be good to hire so you can focus on the actual content of a book. Most authors out there may simply want to focus on the paragraphs inside of the book and not focusing on the outside of that book. Some people may even decide to do some eclectic finger painting when it comes to designing a book covers. Kids can be very creative. It can be good to ask for their help. Your options should be very open when you are creating a book cover.
Sunsets and the environment are two things that a significant number of people take notice of on a regular basis. Environmentalists tend to purchase a lot of content about the environment, so you may get some inspiration for a book cover by taking pictures of the environment and uploading them, to different sites likes Instagram.

You may need to keep track of different items and pay attention to the ideas out there. Taking a picture at a book store will definitely give you some ideas. Someone that is working to combat smoking may want to print out photos that can promote the concept of quitting smoking. If you can encourage people to stop smoking your book cover can play a role in this process. It may make sense to gross people out with a book cover if you want people to stop smoking.

Look at the albums of the 1930’s and the 1940’s; You can see how people came to embrace a working class hero like Woody Guthrie. If you are trying to educate people about the history of the labor movement, then you are going to want to look at those photos of Guthrie and also pay attention to the words in his songs. The words in a song can bare your soul, and the same thing can be said about a book cover.

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