How your book cover design strategy is going to change your business


As the world advances, there is an increase in competition within every specific niche and what makes anyone stand out in business from their competitors is the uniqueness that they brought into the business. Let me narrow it down, we’re talking about publishing businesses here. For an example, take a look any book genre type it into the search engine of amazon kindle, you will notice a lot of books written on that same topic and sometimes deciding on which to order can be very confusing. Apart from the reviews on those books, what other thing do you think will attract a reader’s attention? I guess you probably know that I am talking about. The book cover design of course. The same applies to novels, both fiction and non-fiction.

Publishing is one business that is becoming more competitive every year. Everyone is writing even with little or no idea of the information and still one wonders why a novice will get a flood of sales on their books while the other known professionals in their field are getting lots of orders and tons of sales, and do you know why that is? I will tell you shortly.

Every publisher and author has certainly heard the common saying “Don’t Judge a book by its cover” but unfortunately, readers always do that and so no matter what the quality of your content contained in your books, you will soon be kicked out of business if you do not invest in stunning book cover design.

The Book Cover Design Strategy

Why is it actually a strategy? We all know that a strategy is simply a plan of actions designed at achieving a goal. This is exactly what you are going to be doing. Your aim here is to increase the sales of your publishing business by applying simple yet powerful strategies.

It is simple and I have taken out time to lay out the steps taken for implementing this strategy. It takes absolutely nothing, just time to do good research and a bit of money to afford paying a professional book cover designer.


  • Select a genre
  • Browse through book sites like kindle and other similar ones to see what titles and sub titles your competitors are using, this will help you choose a more attractive and catchy title.
  • Choose a title that is worthy and not too long. I am actually referring to the amount of words used. The amount of words on the book has an effect on the design. Too many words can cover the important graphic parts of the cover which could distract from the main image. Though there is an exception for book cover designs that are text-graphically oriented which are mostly commonly business books. If you must display more information about the book on the cover, then using the sub title is just the best strategy for this.
  • Look critically at the book cover design of your competitors and if possible, save the images and send to your designer as a sample to have an idea of what touches to give the design in order to outdo your competitors.

These few outlined strategies will certainly change your business for good. It has been proven to work and is still going to work. Any professional graphic designer may already know these points.

And you do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money getting a good book cover design done; all you need is simply find a professional and experienced graphic designer to help get the job done. If you currently have a book with minimal sales, I recommend outsourcing the book cover to be redesigned; you will certainly see an improvement in sales. You have put all the work in to writing the quality content so make it count. Do not compromise quality of information for quality book cover design, both work together.

How do you know how to find a professional book designer? Simple, their cover designs and work will speak for them.

Want an eye-catching book cover design? Let me help you out.

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