1. Choose a package

2. Fill out my book cover design order form

3. Get a book cover designed in 3-5 days.

What do you get when you order a book cover design from me?

An EYE-CATCHING book cover design that will catch your readers attention and sell.

3-5 day e-mail delivery

Unlimited revisions until you’re completely happy

Custom typography

Custom photo-manipulation

NO stock-image fees (I’m a member at depositphotos.com )

Upload-ready book cover files (JPEG/PDF)

ISBN barcode creation (for print books)

FREE 3D eBook and print book rendering images

Full rights to use the book cover design (just make sure to give me some credit inside the book somewhere 😊)

Can you explain more about how your book cover design process works?

First, you have to choose a book cover design package from my website here, then fill out my book cover order form accurately, and pay for me to get started on your book cover design.

After 3-5 days, a concept book cover will then be sent over to you via email for review. Any revisions can be made at this point.

Once your book cover design is completed I will then send you your final JPEG & PDF cover files along with a few 3D book cover renderings that can be used on your website, for promotion, or wherever else.


What payment forms do I accept?

I accept all payment forms via Paypal. You don’t need to sign up.


What’s my schedule like?

Always ready to design another book cover.


Why do I have my clients fill out my cover design order form?

It helps me gather the necessary and relevant information I need to create book cover designs without having to read through the whole book. Also, it ask for information like your book title, subtitle, author name, page count, dimensions, your vision of the book cover, colors, etc. since I will need those to, depending on if your ordering a print or ebook cover.


Should you order just a eBook cover design or a print & eBook book cover design?

It’s up to you as the author, most of my clients purchase both in order to make sure they cover all playing fields.


Should you have an author picture on the back cover of your book?

Some books fit having an author picture and some don’t, it’s completely up to you.


What are the FREE 3D renderings you mentioned?

With every book cover design order I get I always make sure to create my clients a few FREE 3D book cover renderings that can be used for promotion, on social media, on websites, or wherever else. In simple terms, they are just eye-catching images to beautifully display print and eBooks in their digital form without having to use a camera to take pictures.