How does getting a book cover designed by me work?

First, you have to choose a package that I offer, then fill out my book cover order form accurately, then pay (via Paypal) for me to begin working on your book cover design concept. A concept book cover will then be sent within 3-5 days by email for you to review. Once your book cover design is completed the remaining balance must be paid for your final cover files and 3d renderings.

What payment forms do I accept?

I accept all payment types via Paypal. You don’t need an account either to pay.

What’s my schedule/availability?

I pretty much always have time to design and create new things. So as soon as you order I will get started that same day.

Why do I have my clients fill out my cover design order form?

It helps me gather the necessary and relevant information in regards to your book and the cover; like your book title, subtitle, author name, page count, dimensions, your vision, colors, etc.

Why choose me to design your book cover?

I design eye-catching book covers that sell.

What is my turnaround time?

It takes me 3-5 days after your order is placed to finish up and send over the first concept of your design.

Should you order a eBook cover design or eBook and print book cover design?

Depends on what you need really. Here’s a fact though, 90% of my author clients order both at the same time.

Should you add an author picture on the back cover?

Go for it. Most books with author pictures seem to perform pretty well anyway. Although, in some cases when the author pic just doesn’t feel or look right on the cover then I wouldn’t use one.

What is my 100% customer satisfaction guarantee?

If you don’t like the book cover I have designed for you then I will provide you with as many revisions as necessary until you are completely happy with the cover I’ve designed.

How can you get ahold of me?

Email me at or call 616-204-4969