Does your book cover design really matter?


A majority of people believe that “no book should be judged by its cover;’ which at some point is true, but looking at the bright side, I wouldn’t buy a book with an awful cover.  A book can make either make you fall in love with it at first sight or lose your ‘reading appetite;’ simply by looking at the book cover.

A book cover speaks a thousand words for both the writer and their book. It should showcase the kind of skills and taste of an author. Here are a few tips that you can use to ensure that the contest-holders address while picking a book cover for your book.


The world is filled with many con-artists, who would do anything possible to live an easy life. By feeding from others like leaches. I would not say that I haven’t encountered one; actually sometimes I believe that I had the worst experience. I got conned off my writing idea by some random guy who pretended to be an editor.

From what I experienced, you should consider looking for organizations with good reputation that will help you get not only the perfect but also at true book designer.

The designer should have a few qualities to prove that they can actually deliver:

  • The designer should be able to give references of work they have earlier done.
  • They should have wide knowledge in the field of writing.
  • They should be able to communicate efficiently with their clients.
  • Book designers should make be able to meet deadlines on time.


book cover design carries with it some hidden factors depending on how the book will be used; is it an electronic, printed or circulation book?

The type of book published will determine the measurements for your book cover; especially that of an electronic book.  If the book cover becomes too big for the space allocated; then it might have to be shrunk into a thumbnail.

The color choice for printing the book; whether colored or black and white will determine the book’s cover. Too much color should be avoided because people tend to go an extra mile to perusing through the first or last pages. If the book cover is to far from the color used inside the book, then that will be an awful choice. The colors from the outside should blend with those inside.

Consider the readability of the book from afar; especially, a physical book. Can the words on the book cover be read by someone who is 4 or more feet away? If not, then look at the factors that might be hindering that ability, is the book cover too over-crowded or the writings too small; is the cover material too course, are the colors too dull or too bright? There are so many factors you can find if you look closely.


The major reason for an author to write is to share their ideas with the world. The type of audience the author picks to communicate to will contribute to the kind of cover you choose for your book.

  • Age

The kind of language you use for the book cover will have to make sense to the reader; if young, simple and soft language should be used. The old can have complex titles for the book cover because we believe that they have broad information about the title; thus you can also engage the use of metaphors.

Younger children also love physical books with nice covers unlike adults who may not mind walking with an e-book in their tablets.

  • Gender

In the same manner that males are different to females; the book choices that women choose are different from those of men. The kind of graphics you choose for a book targeting the male audience; should not have bright colors, it should have strong titles and magnetic colors [neutral colors]. On the other hand; women prefer bright color for book covers and soft titles that touch their normal day to day activities.

  • The mission of the author

When choosing a book cover; consider the kind of message that you would like your book to convey.  You should also remember that you wanted to cause an impact on the society and should not fall off your trail. Have a book designer who will lead you through the whole process. Let your book cover help you showcase the changes you want.


When it comes to marketing your book, a great book cover will do all the selling for you. It is considered the number one tool for marketing communication.

These are overall pieces to getting a great book cover design while working hand in hand with the skilled book designer.

  • Don’t design your own book cover if you don’t want to.
  • Have good color combinations; garnish colors attract but have no class.
  • Make sure you review your thumbnail, to avoid mixing of letters.
  • Do not style your words; let the words be clear for your readers.
  • Your title should be big and easy enough for one to read.
  • Comic Sans font is not a good font to go with.
  • Never use cheap clip-art for your book cover.

books are an author’s way of expressing themselves, and no thought should be expressed in a gloomy manner. Spice your book cover appropriately, the same way you would spice a cup of ice cream with a strawberry fruit. Invest in what attracts the reader’s eyes and give your book a cover that showcases good taste and quality. There is no point for you to struggle writing an amazing book and give it the worst cover just because you are scared something might not go right. Make your book cover a master piece that people will talk about for ages.

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