Book Cover Design – Properly Dressing Your Book


There is a tendency to add to much style to your book cover design by adding caps, italics, outlined caps, and so on. Stay away from this. It also may be amateurish to use your own artwork on the cover. There can be a few exceptions, but it’s just better to stay away from this. Gradients and garish color combinations may be designed to catch people’s attention, but will just may make your book look overdone. Basically, get professional help!

Discuss with your cover designer

Talk to your book cover designer about your book. Tell them what the book is about. Tell them what the book is trying to convey. Get your idea across. This way you will get a book cover design that will immediately catch the eye of your audience.


Get into the shoes of your reader

Make sure that the cover images along with the text are clear enough to be understood in the form of thumbnails. After all, books are being sold today mainly through kindle and mobile other digital platforms including phones. The goal of your cover should be to invoke feelings in the customer, rather than you trying to tell them the whole story. Like I said do not try to impose, but instead share the feelings of the book with the reader so that they’re motivated to go ahead and purchase it!

Know your audience

Your book cover design should be aimed towards your target audience. A young adult female audience may want a different kind of cover design as compared to mature men looking for an action scifi adventure! My point is you need to avoid clichés in all respects. This means that if your book is about finance, do not stuff the cover design with dollar bills, piggy banks and so on.


Stick to your key message

The point of your book has to be really clear. Write it down clearly and use it as your guide when you are reviewing your cover design. Make sure that it is able to convey the right message. Your readers need to feel something when seeing the cover. It must capture the true nature of the book. Also make sure the designer has all the information that they may need before getting started on the design process. This would include the audience, the genre of the book, the period it is set in, besides the mood, characters and so on.

If your looking to get input on your book cover design try out social media it’s another place to get exposure. You can ask your followers for their advice, opinion and so on.

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