Commonly Made Book Cover Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Majority of people know the do’s about book covers but are unaware of the common mistakes. A professional book cover designer might break the rules and still end up with a great cover. However, an upcoming a writer or a book designer might need a few guidelines to help them satisfy his clients and develop his skills into becoming a … Read More

9 book cover design mistakes that will cost you $1m over the next 10 years


Book covers speak a lot about what is inside the book. Designing a cover that accentuates the matter inside may be tricky but it is not rocket science. However most first-time authors end up making these mistakes which costs them more than they can imagine! Mistake #1: Not realizing how important book cover designs are You may spend years in … Read More

Book Cover Design: The 1% Difference That Makes Your Book Successful


It is a given fact that your book cover design has a LARGE impact on if your book will become successful. The crowded marketplaces ignore ugly design and hones in onto the book covers that actually look like their the real deal. 99% of authors who simply write a quick book and post it online with a 5 minute book … Read More

Innovate To Create A Great Book Cover Design


If you want to know how to come up with a great book cover idea, meld ideas of things that you are interested in; it may be time to brainstorm. You my really like the movies tied to Stephen King books and yet have a passion for learning about historical figures like Andrew Jackson. If you can somehow tie Founding … Read More

Book Cover Design – How Not To Get Stuck


Let’s face it, designing a book cover is not easy. At times it can be very difficult, and not just because you want it to look exactly how you dreamed it would be…the quality of your book cover will affect your book’s success on the market. That adds a lot of pressure! So what should you do if your inspiration … Read More