Time To Get Published! Self-Publishing Pointers And Highlights


In this type of publishing, authors publish their book by themselves without taking help from any traditional publication house or publishers. An author who publishes his or her work alone can get all the work needed in publication such as editing and marketing by own or can hire professionals for the same. With the rise of the internet age authors … Read More

5 Ways To Make Your Book Cover Design Look Better In 5 Minutes


It’s the very first thing your readers will connect with. Long before they read your synopsis or peruse the first chapters, readers connect first and foremost with the imagery that shines on your front cover. A good book cover design is the difference between your book being picked up by new reader in a store or being overlooked in favor of more popular … Read More

Genre Specific Book Cover Designs – Pros and Cons and How to Use Them


Genre specific books, and their respective covers, have both an advantage and disadvantage to them. Both of these have to do with how readers will interpret your book when they first see its cover. As the author of your book, it is extremely important to always keep your readers in mind when designing the cover. You can make a cover … Read More

Book Cover Design – Keys To Getting The Best Cover


The book cover design of the books on the shelf is what ultimately attracts you to buy the book. Why wouldn’t it? Some books have exceptionally amazing cover designs that you can’t help but fall in love with. For example, a memorable cover was for the cover of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, with the stiletto that morphed into a pitchfork on … Read More