1. My Story

joshua jadon and dad picture minSo for those of you who don’t know, my full name is Joshua Jadon-Sharif Bruce, I was originally born in North Dakota in 1994, which makes me 22 today. I am a book cover designer for New York Times bestselling authors, internationally bestselling authors, Amazon bestselling authors, and for many other writers, authors, and self-publishers of all genres.

The first time I ever really got into art was when I picked up my first pencil. In 2nd grade, my teacher brought in a group of older students into class for a project and ironically we worked together with them to create what would be my first actual book cover design. I had no clue how to use Photoshop back then so colored pencils were used instead.

At 6 years old I can remember, grabbing a TV tray, a pencil, and sitting down on the couch to watch my favorite TV show that would come on when I was younger called The Imagination Station.

joshua-jadon-youngThis was by far the best drawing show I think there was at the time. Mark Kistler was the host and taught specifically how to draw in 3D. From what I can remember, the show would come on at about 11 o’clock during the day and he would give 1 simple lesson on how to draw one of his art pieces as he did them.

Why was this so important for me? Because I had fun doing it.

Watching the how-to-draw TV show, later on, evolved into me asking my parents to take me to the library so I could get books on how-to-draw.  The thing is, when I would go I wouldn’t just grab one book every time, I would grab like a stack of ten all on drawing and in different styles and then practice learning from those. It’s funny, because today I think I still have overdue late fees I owe for some of the books that I liked a little too much and couldn’t let go of.

At the time, drawing seemed like the thing I would be doing forever even though it was just for fun. This all came to a halt when I hit 12th grade. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it or that I wanted to stop, there were just other things I wanted to move on and into. Hence, why I am doing book cover design today.


The teachers

I want to highlight how much the people around me have influenced my artwork over these past years starting with my school teachers, Mrs. Erickson if you’re reading this you’re at the top of my list.

Without them, I probably wouldn’t be where I am at today. The main thing that helped me with getting better at art was by listening to their critiques on the work I did and how I could improve it.

For me personally, it’s really important to hear someone out.  Listening to their input on the art or designs that I have created, whether it be a drawing, book cover, painting, or anything else is an opportunity to do it better.

How did I go from drawing to book cover design?

In 2012, up until about a year after I graduated high-school I was working at a pet store here in Grand Rapids, Michigan called V.I.Pets.  I loved working there it was honestly a lot of fun but I just couldn’t see myself staying at that job for the next 40 years of my life scrubbing fish tanks, cleaning rat cages, and chasing random lizards across the floor.


In August 2013, I left that job to attend Central Michigan University as a student where I planned on majoring in Graphic Design even though I had never laid a finger on Photoshop up until that point.

After I got all moved into the dorms at the university I felt I was really ready to take on the entire school year. Until about one month in…I was working a job as an audio/video technician on campus, juggling classes, and hanging out with friends here and there, then this happened, my Graphic Design teacher in class said, “For this project you all are going to have to design a book cover of your choice.” I eagerly jumped right on it, got started, and finished my design that same day.


When everyone was finished with their book cover designs after the 2 weeks, the whole class met up at a huge conference table in one of the halls at the university and we presented our covers in front of everyone in the Graphic Design class. Normally I don’t really like to present things but In this case, it was art so I felt a little more confident. I remember one of the kids saying, “his book cover looks real, like a published one”, and I thought hmmm I have something here.


By the time I made it back to my dorm room that night I was already getting my name out online to become a freelance book cover designer. From that point on, it was really hard for me to focus and go to class because I really only wanted to work on book cover designs in my dorm room with my door closed. Any time I did try to go to class I would only make it through one before leaving to go back to my dorm room to work on more book cover designs. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I’d rather be doing that then studying and getting caught up with all the school work.

After 2 months, I left to move back home with the mindset that I would take my art career to the next level. My mom said I had to have a job if I moved back home at the time to make money so I picked up a 30 hour a week gig working at a car wash while I was building up joshuajadon.com.

Back then my site looked a bit rougher because I didn’t have any experience designing websites, so I had to learn that too; What you’re seeing today is like the 6th version since I’ve launched.


At the car wash, we had this little room, with 2 big windows, a computer, and a heater in it to wait in while we were in between cleaning cars. Many days of the days I was working there I would just find myself just gazing through the window outside thinking about my next move and what it would be. Eventually, I built up the courage and quit working there and have been an active book cover designer ever since.

My Mission

Is to create eye-catching book cover designs for authors who want to catch MORE readers attention and sell MORE books.

Think about it like this, if you’ve put hundreds or even thousands of hours into writing your book then the last thing you want to do is mess it up with a bad looking book cover design because this is the first thing that your readers are going to see before buying your book.

Your book needs a stunning cover that will compliment it.  I simply want to solve this problem.

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